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Why Montessori

Benefits of a Montessori Education

Given the freedom and support to question, to probe deeply, and to make connections, Montessori students become confident, enthusiastic, self-directed learners. 

Self-correction and self-assessment are an integral part of the Montessori classroom approach.

Teachers provide the environment where students have the freedom and the tools to pursue answers to their own questions.

Montessorians understand that internal satisfaction drives the child’s curiosity and interest and results in joyous learning that is sustainable over a lifetime.

Teachers model respect, loving kindness, and a belief in peaceful conflict resolution.

The multi-age classroom—typically spanning 3 years—re-creates a family structure. Older students enjoy stature as mentors and role models; younger children feel supported and gain confidence about the challenges ahead. 

Montessori students develop order, coordination, concentration, and independence.

Each child is valued as a unique individual. Montessori education recognizes that children learn in different ways, and accommodates all learning styles. 

to develop their potential as they step out into the world as engaged, competent, responsible, and respectful citizens with an understanding and appreciation that learning is for life.

Montessori education offers our children opportunities