Registration Process

Step One – Register For Program Information Session

Call the school (604-433-2144) or email to register for one of our program information sessions. Program information sessions are held in the fall, winter and spring.

Step Two – Attend Program Information Session

After attending the program information session, a follow up phone call will be made to offer you a spot and schedule a classroom observation.

Step Three – Observe the Classroom

Observe a class in session for 30 minutes. The observation is for parents ONLY.

Step Four – Register Your Child

Come to our registration day and submit your registration package along with post-dated cheques. Receive confirmation of registration, parent handbook and date of first child visit day in June.

Step Five – School Visit and Meet the Teachers

After submission of the registration package, all NEW children will visit the classroom in June. At this time parents will receive their childs gradual entry schedule for September and home visit date and time.

Step Six – Home Visit

All new children will receive a visit from the teachers to their home. If your child is attending summer school they will have a home visit before July otherwise end of August or beginning of September.

Step Seven – Summer School

We highly recommend summer school for new children starting in September. Summer school runs during the month of July.