What training do the teachers have and are they screened?

All our teachers have their ECE license from Victoria as well as their Montessori training and first aid training. Criminal record checks are done for all teachers and substitutes.

My Child knows the alphabet, why isn’t he/she reading yet?

We teach the children the phonetic sound of each letter. This is typically taught at the age of 4, but if a younger child showed interest we would present the lesson. Once the child has learned all 26 phonetic sounds we begin to spell three letter phonetic words such as fox, cat, bug, pen and pig.  After mastering the three lettered words we begin to form 4 more lettered phonetic words such as banana, pompom and truck.

What can we do at home to help?

Introduce your child to love of reading by reading 3 English stories to them every night. Practice writing lowercase with your child and your child’s name. Please allow your child to be as independent as possible. For example, getting dressed, going to the bathroom, feeding him/her self, washing hands, setting the table, cleaning up their toys, making the bed, emptying the dishwasher, helping fold laundry, putting away laundry, helping with dishes, pouring his/her own drink and putting on their shoes and jacket by themselves are just a few ideas of what they could be doing at home.

Do you have special celebrations?

Yes, we have 2 big concerts per year; our winter (December) and year end concert (June). We have a mother’s day tea in May and father’s day coffee in June. We also have a sports day with both classes in May/June.

During the school year we also acknowledge all cultural celebrations within our cultural studies.

Do you take the children on field trips?

Yes, we have about 3-4 field trips a year, usually one per term. We try to relate our field trips according to what we are learning in class. For example if were learning about sea life we would visit the aquarium. All field trips are parent participation; parents drive their own children to all field trips, or carpool with another parent.

Can my child stay for Kindergarten?

Yes, our program is a 3 year program. Children may stay for their third year, their kindergarten year in our half day program.

Do you currently have a wait list?

Yes, once the school year has started in September, we then begin a wait list for the upcoming school year. Families on this list will then be contacted and notified about any upcoming program information sessions. Should an opening arise in any of the school programs during the current school year, families on the wait list will be contacted.

How do I register my child?

All new families interested in enrolling their child at Absorbent Minds Montessori are required to attend a program information session. Program information sessions are held in the fall, winter, and spring. After attending the program information session, a follow up phone call will be made to schedule a classroom observation. After attending the classroom observation you are required to submit your child’s registration package along with all post-dated cheques to the school office, this will secure a spot for your child for the upcoming school year.

Does my child need to toilet trained in order to attend?

Yes, all children are required to be fully toilet trained before they attend the preschool program. Please note pull ups are not accepted.

How old does my child have to be in order to attend?

We accept children ages three to five years of age. Children who start school in September and are 2.5 year of age must turn 3 before or by December 31st.